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This powerful, exquisite and rare almost life-size Guanyin seated in teaching mudra to spread the dharma, radiates serene spiritual energy. To optimally enjoy this statue, she should be placed in an elevated position as it was modeled to be viewed from below. Magnificently carved and covered with lacquer, this statue will fill any environment with meditative tranquility.  Authentic Buddhist carved images of this size, beauty, quality, and shape are very difficult to find, especially after China’s modernization.



Given its life size depiction, this Mahayana image was probably placed in a Guanyin temple or community or clan shrine to aid devotion and remind devotees of the qualities this image portrays. Like many Buddhist statues, this image was originally placed in an elevated position on a high platform, modeled to be viewed from below. She wears a three-part robe open at the chest to reveal an elaborate necklace and lifelike folds drape over the shoulders and extend over the arms and folded legs. This antique-Chinese-wood-carving reflects more of the imperial rather than provincial influence as reflected in the elegant crown centered with a radiating aureole that is associated with Amitabha, jewels on her chest and simple but elegantly flowing robes. The rounded face has small pursed lips in a slight but tranquil smile. The almond-shaped eyes are half-opened and half-closed symbolizing perfect harmony and mindfulness of outer and inner life:  half her vision views the external world while the other half is directed inward for self-reflection. Her gentle peaceful and sweet face reflects love, compassion, infinite wisdom and serenity and calms those in despair and anger, comforts those in sorrow and brings forth feelings of love, devotion and contentment to the faithful. Her pendulous ears indicate her enlightened state and the fact that her name means she who hears the cries of humanity. The hair is pulled into a chignon topped by an elaborate tiara decorated with floral roundels at the ends and a floral in the center. The back is partially covered with lacquer and contains a large cavity indicating it was consecrated.  Both hands with long, elegant and well-articulated fingers are in vitarka (teaching) mudra, the left at the chest, and the right resting near the knee, which signifies spreading the Dharma and leads listeners to enlightenment. Many temple images are seated reflecting a serene and dignified feeling, the epitome of enlightenment in contrast to a standing figure representing compassion in action. When Mahayana Buddhists pray before a Guanyin image, they do not worship the image but instead are reminded of her great compassion, mercy and serenity and how she will assist them in seeking their path to personal enlightenment.  By practicing her virtues like kindliness, gentleness, love, mindfulness, compassion, charity, patience and contemplation, one becomes a true Guanyin disciple who can then share her benefits to others.  The magnificent rare and important figure is in excellent condition with some age losses and minor surface cracks consistent with its age and China’s modernization. The back surround is optional. 


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Place of Origin



Antique, Qing Dynasty


18th century

Materials and Technique


Dimensions (inches)

: Ht: 42” W: 25” D 27.5”

Dimensions (metric)

Ht: 106.68cm W: 63.5cm D: 69.85cm


Excellent, fine patina demonstrating age and use

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