Stoneware Green Glazed Censer, Shiwan Kiln, China (16901C-CKE) $1450


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This vibrant stoneware Shiwan censer is the central part of a 5-piece altar set featured in our Instagram post.  Placed in a special room considered the home’s center it was used to perform ritual offerings honoring ancestors deities to bring good fortune and long life and repel malevolent energy and spirits. Jost (incense) sticks were held inside, and smoke could waft from the lid. This truly special set should be kept in tact in the home of a lucky resident to continue to foster positive feng shui.



This splendid large green glaze Shiwan stoneware censer is part of a five piece altar set 16901 featured in our Instagram post. These folk-art ceramics were made the Shiwan kilns renowned for finely modeled pieces with vivid expression and colorful glazes since the 17th century using local coarse sand and recycled materials to create modest but remarkably creations. Modeled after a prototype of Shang Dynasty archaistic wine and ritual vessels, it has flared handles, bulging center with taotie and decorative panels on the sides, and sits majestically on four feet. Used on early bronzes, a taotie is mythical head of a gluttonous beast with bulging eyes, avarice appetite, and an open mouth allegedly as warnings to avoid sin and were placed prominently in officials’ halls to remind them of the dangers of self-indulgence and gluttony. Some believe it had such an appetite that it ate its own head.  The censer is itself a symbol of happiness and, like the taotie, provides a protective function holding the joss (incense) sticks for offerings. A fu lion sits on the lid and the legs are fu lion paws. Lions symbolize superhuman strength, valor and energy, and pairs guard the Buddha, Buddhism, temples, government buildings and the homes of the wealthy.  Although this item is listed separately on the site, it is clearly our hope that the entire set be kept together.


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Antique, Qing Dynasty

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Ht: 15.25 W: 7.25" D: 5"


Excellent, fine patina demonstrating age and use

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