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  • Antique Pair Glazed Stoneware Candle Holders, Shiwan, China(16901CH-CEM ) $785/pr

    H: 13.25″    W: 4.75 ”    D: 4.75 ”    | FREE SHIPPING!

    This pair of beautiful antique apple green gazed stoneware Shiwan candle holders are part of a 5-piece antique home altar set. Made with rounded, elegant soft corners and having intricate designs in relief against a smooth background, this strickng and graceful pair complements the overal altar presentation while creating its own appealing well-proportioned silhouette.


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  • Antique Pair Glazed Stoneware Vases, Shiwan, China (16901V-CEM) $825/Pair

    H: 11.75″    W: 4.75 ”    D: 4.75 ”    | FREE SHIPPING!

    Made with rounded, elegant, soft corners and having intricate designs in relief against a smooth background, this striking and graceful pair of vases will complement the overall presentation of any home and they create an appealing, well-proportioned silhouette. A vase, actual or as an image, is commonly seen in Chinese homes as a symbol of peace and safety and the fulfillment of all of one’s wishes. Vase pairs can also used as part of a 5pc altar set when their decorative and/or structural designs are in sinc with the other components.


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  • Antique Rare 5pc Piece Stoneware Altar Set, Shiwan, China (16901BLKE) $2950

    H: 15.25″    W: 24-28 ”    D: 5″ SHIPPING INFORMATION REQUIRED at: 213-568-3030

    This rare apple green glazed Shiwan stoneware altar set contains its original 5 pieces. A censor is at the center, it is flanked by a pair of candlestick holders and vases are at each end. Each elegant piece has coordinated glazes, decorative and structural designs and intricate and well-proportioned features with symbolic wishes for health, wealth, longevity, a virtuous life, a natural death and the fulfillment of all of one’s wishes.

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  • Antique Stoneware Fruit Offering, Shiwan, China (19330-BLE) $375

    H: 8.75″  DIA: 6.75 ” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This colorful antique Shiwan stoneware food offering would have been placed on a Chinese home or temple altar to augment or in place  of a plate of stacked fresh fruit. These offerings are still made honor the family’s ancestors, communicate with deities and bring prosperity, good luck and health to the home.

  • Antique Stoneware Offering Bowl with Peaches and Lotuses, Shiwan, China (19330A-BLE) $450

    H: 5.5″    Dia: 6 ”    | FREE SHIPPING!

    Shiwan stoneware fruit offerings were especially popular during the Ming and Qing dyansties when the were placed on temple or home altars to communicate and venerate ancestors t augment fresh offerings and bring auspicious blessings of fu to families presenting them. The three peaches interwoven with lotuses are associated with springtime, fertility, and especially a long healthy life for many generations.  They are considered propitious gifts for birthdays, especially for the elderly.

  • Antique/Vintage Hsun Ok Monk’s Offering Vessel, Burma/Myanmar (6220BME) $725

    H: 26″   Dia: 12.5″ | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This elegant hsun-ok reveals much about the Burmese: their profound belief in Buddhism and commitment to support the monastic life, remarkable woodworking and lacquerware skills and sense of simplistic elegant design and form. It has a simple yet striking silhouette with raised circular layers on a pedestal base with woven vertical bands topped by a tall round finial recalling a Buddhist pagoda or stupa. This graceful piece is a perfect accent for any décor.

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  • Vintage Small Hsun Ok Monk’s Offering Vessel, Burma/Myanmar (6218TSK) $335

    H: 16.25″  Dia: 9″ | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    Given its small size, this hsun ok may have simply served as a decorative piece. It has a beautiful profile that rising from a woven bamboo base topped by a stupa-like double bulbous finial. Its simple sophisticated design is comprised of rows of applied lacquer and ash lines, triangles and beaded borders that are hand applied  Small but very elegant, this 20th century hsun ok is unique, with fine embellishments and a wonderful warm patina.

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  • Vintage Yoruba Cowrie Shell Head Shrine, Africa, Nigeria (1657BSK) $785

    H:15 ”  W: 9 ”  D: 9 ” | SHIPPING INFORMATION REQUIRED contact us at 213-568-3030

    This vintage handmade crown-like cowry shell-covered cylindrical “crown” called an ile ori and is a mixed-media cult of the head shrine to honor the head among the Yoruba people of Nigeria. Never meant to be worn, it is round, divided into sections and has four upward pointed curving triangular panels leaning inward and set in a sea of arranged cowries. The flat-topped symbolic crown is made with a wide rectangular cutout for viewing. As it is handmade, the size, placement and tones of the cowries may vary, but the design is very impressive.  This headdress was included in the San Francisco International Airport, “Crowning Achievements” exhibition in April-August, 1994. The headdress is in good shape with a dark patina showing age and use, some leather bindings lifting, minor insect damage to the fabric, scrapes on the leather and some missing cowry shells. It comes with a Lucite stand.


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