Antique Pair Glazed Stoneware Candle Holders, Shiwan, China(16901CH-CEM ) $785/pr


H: 13.25″    W: 4.75 ”    D: 4.75 ”    | FREE SHIPPING!

This pair of beautiful antique apple green gazed stoneware Shiwan candle holders are part of a 5-piece antique home altar set. Made with rounded, elegant soft corners and having intricate designs in relief against a smooth background, this strickng and graceful pair complements the overal altar presentation while creating its own appealing well-proportioned silhouette.



This pair of apple green gazed stoneware candlestick holders were included as part of a 5-piece home altar set (16901BLKE) as they all have similar decorative and structural designs. They were made in kilns in Shiwan, a small town near Foshan City in Guangdong Province where they have been making folk art ceramics renowned fine modeling, vivid expression and colorful glazes since the 17th century. Like the vases intricate and well-proportioned silhouettes (16901V-CEM) they are composed of three distinct sections. The bottoms sit on 4-legged square pedestal bases, gently slope upward and have raised pointed-shield designs inset with angled swirls and support rounded open vase-like bowls with a square top adorned with raised vegetal sprays. The next section arising from the square-topped bowls is a tall thin neck enclosing a bulbous shaped orb with floral designs on its sides. This morphs into the third section, a similar but smaller square top bowls with different floral spray designs. A short thin candle attachment rises from the bowls’ centers. All areas are rounded with soft corners making them elegant and graceful, and all designs are in relief against a smooth background. This intriguing design scheme is repeated on each of the four sides using patterns mirror and complement those on the pair of vases and censer that comprise the 5 piece altar set. Candles illuminate, cleanse, warm and soothe and are always used in Chinese prayers and candles and incense are lit as part of the offering ritual.